RE-Develop serves institutions by providing facilitation and/or action coaching for specific areas of personal growth and development. As with a tapestry, our goal is to work very closely alongside organisations, picking up threads and continuing the weaving process through well thought out experiences where various life skills principles are REDiscovered, REDefined and REDeveloped.

RE-Develop is not venue based and has access to a number of venues nationwide.


Gallup indicates that only 33% of US employees are engaged at work, with the worldwide stat being a shocking 13%.

In an effort to change this stat, many organisations focus on team building activities which should, in our opinion, rather be called “team bonding” activities. They bond the team but don’t drill down to core issues like trust, transparency, power plays etc which ultimately affect the functionality of a team. When RE-Develop is contracted to build a team, that’s what we do.

Over a period of time, and through the integration of strategies such as 360 reviews, group coaching sessions and experiential learning activities we provide opportunities for teams to REDefine themselves and in so doing, RE-Develop new patterns of thinking and behaviour that are beneficial to the team and the organisation.

Outdoor Education:

“McLuhan believed that experiential learning has always been and will continue to be a major, if not the major, way in which most of us attempt to make sense of our universe.”  (Adventure Programming, Miles & Priest)

Various research supports therapeutic benefits for individuals participating in Adventure Education such as:

  • enhancing the affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains
  • improving self-concept, social attitudes and perceptions
  • increasing shared responsibility for the safety and well-being of others in the group
  • developing calculated risk taking and facing challenges
  • fostering growth in confidence and self-esteem
  • breaking barriers of stereotypes and discrimination

Working with age groups from Gr 00 upwards, our outdoor education programmes are outcomes based and tailor made to align with our client’s objectives. Due to the popularity of our programmes, most of our clients re-book a year in advance in order to secure their preferred dates.

Presidents Award:

We are very fortunate to be involved with The President’s Award, an exciting personal challenge to young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It is a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary, leisure time activities which encourages personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility and service to the community. For more information on how to enrol for the programme log onto

RE-Develop’s involvement in preparing groups for their adventurous journeys ensures that, not only are the necessary skills required for the journey acquired but they are also well exercised during the journey under careful supervision.

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