Welcome to RE-Develop, specialists in Recreational, Educational and Developmental adventure programming and action coaching. Before you commit your hard earned funding to someone to develop your staff, young adults or children (is there a difference?), it just makes sense that you’d want to know who you’re dealing with. This is a good time to introduce you to Sonja Thomas, who owns and manages RE-Develop.

The Owner

Sonja’s passion for working with people in the outdoors began when as a young girl, she found herself spending numerous holidays hiking, particularly in the Drakensberg mountains, as well as working as a young leader on organised camps.

This led her to become an ARA (Adventure Recreation Association) Level II facilitator, a DEAT registered mountain guide and a SAQA accredited facilitator, assessor and moderator. She also holds a number of SAMDT (SA Mountaineering Development and Training Trust) qualifications, has volunteered with Mountain Search and Rescue since 2008 and holds a current advanced Wilderness First Aid certificate.

Since 2004 she has directed recreational, developmental and educational programmes for varying group sizes from 6 to 400 participants, for a number of different schools, organisations & private groups with participants ranging from as young as 4 years to adults. Sonja says, “we haven’t lost anyone yet, well except for that time” no, just kidding. We have a good safety record and intend to keep it that way.”

Sonja believes that good facilitation, coupled with strong discipline-specific technical skills makes for quality outcomes. Striving to ensure that RE-Develop lives by this belief, Sonja has earned the following qualifications:

Technical outdoor skills

  • Provide a guided single pitch abseiling experience of > 60m (SAQA 9283)

  • Provide a guided single pitch abseiling experience of 150m (SAQA 9282)

  • Provide a guided single pitch rock climbing experience (SAQA 9285)

  • Plan and provide a guided rock climbing experience (SAQA 9286)

  • Conduct a guided mountain walking experience in a limited geographical area (SAQA 9284)

  • Plan and conduct a guided mountain walking experience (SAQA 9288)

  • Plan and provide a guided canyoneering experience (SAQA 9287)

  • Wilderness First Aid Level III

  • Swift Water Rescue for Professionals

  • Advanced Mountain Walking Leader (MDT)

  • Rock Climbing Leader (MDT)

  • DEAT Registered Guide

Business Management

  • Diploma Public Relations
  • Diploma Business Economics

Training and facilitation

  • Facilitating learning using a variety of given methodologies (SAQA 117871)

  • Plan and Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessments (SAQA 115753)

  • Moderate Outcomes-Based Assessments (SAQA 115759)

  • ARA Level II, Adventure and Experiential Learning

  • Co-resolve/Deep Democracy

  • Life and Business Coach

Other RE-Develop facilitators hold various qualifications, at a minimum recognised by NQF and/or ARA.

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