Specialists in Recreational, Educational and Developmental adventure programming and action coaching. Having been in the industry since 2004 as Inkwenkwezi Adventure Camps, we’ve re-branded to a name that is…simpler, easier.

Simon Priest defines adventure programming as “the deliberate use of adventurous experiences to create learning in individuals or groups, that results in change for society and communities.” He further clarifies that “adventurous experiences are activities with uncertain outcomes which necessitate people applying their personal competence to meet the challenge and resolve the uncertainty.”

RE-Develop – agents of change; catalysts for transformation.

Various research, supports therapeutic benefits for individuals participating in Adventure Education such as:

Enhancing the affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains
Improving self-concept, social attitudes and perceptions
Shared responsibility for the safety and well-being of others
Developing calculated risk taking and facing challenges
Fostering growth in confidence and self-esteem
Breaking barriers of stereotypes and discrimination

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