What some of our clients say about RE-Develop:

What an experience.

“An awesome opportunity to learn more about myself…my independence and freedom to express myself. What an experience.” – Craig

The hike was amazing

“The hike was amazing, tougher than expected though. Enjoyed the good atmosphere and mood and the guides were awesome.” – Andreas

Most rewarding experience!

“It was a most rewarding experience! Grew in so many ways and found that I was capable of so much more than I thought I was. Would definitely do it again if I could!” – Emma

Once in a lifetime

“One of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Learnt a lot. Every step was worth the scenery. Once in a lifetime.” – Johnathan

Wonderful opportunity

“Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity! It was such an awesome experience which I will remember forever. I would do it again any day.” – Kate

An amazing experience!

“An amazing experience!!! It was physically challenging and to a point mentally too. The last day was the best, with the greatest views.” – Aleks

Very rewarding challenge!

“Very rewarding challenge! Stunning views, lovely rides and cheerful bubbly companions. A wonderful opportunity.” – Lucy

Boys enjoyed themselves

“Thank you for the fabulous camp. The organisation and hands-on approach was superb and much appreciated. All the boys enjoyed themselves!” – Jon

We had a great time

“Thank you for your hard work, understanding and patience. We had a great time.” – Stuart

Things I will never forget

“The things I will never forget are holding the scorpion and feeding the baby rhino. It was an amazing camp and my favourite camp so far.” – Thalia

It was the best camp ever

“It was the best camp ever. I loved the amazing race and actually everything. I enjoyed camp so much I didn’t want to go home. The rhinos are adorable!” – Victoria

Camp was Fun!

“Camp was fun. I really enjoyed the obstacle course. You should see it. It is the most ‘funest’, most amazing obstacle I have ever seen.” – Dan

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